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We are bombarded with deception: culture pushes its ideals, our hearts naturally deceive us, and the enemy seeks to destroy us. Unhealthy fear, skewed priorities, and wrong expectations can result.

Truth Matters is a powerful study designed to expose these deceptions and blind spots through the authority of God’s Word. This twelve-week course inspires women believers to move beyond their head knowledge of oneness with Christ, and actually live their union out—experience it, cherish it, and rely on it.

Why do we live as if peace and freedom are luxuries we can’t afford when they are fully ours, bought and paid for?

Because we undervalue our union with Christ.

Stop paying rent on what you already own.

Program Options

Personal Study

Whether you have walked with the Lord for many years or you have recently encountered His grace, Truth Matters challenges you to uncover blind spots and defeat deception that thwart your thriving in Him. Short, power-packed, Word-driven lessons guide you to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in union with Jesus Christ. Live each day in confidence and truth!

Matters Moments

All participants in the TM program receive a weekly email to encourage them for the week ahead. Each recording features a short devotional thought and a worship song. This offers connection with the author and another outlet for worship and growth.

Small Groups

All twelve weeks can be accomplished on your own; however, the ideal scenario is private study through the week concluding with a small group session. Accountability, encouragement, and prayer support are vital to your journey.

Congregational Unity

One method that has proven powerful in the life of the church is using the Truth Matters curriculum as a church-wide study for its women. Gathering together all women, ages thirteen and up, to share their experiences with each week’s material is a perfect way to accomplish cross-generational sharing.

Facilitator Training

Matters Ministry offers training to those who demonstrate leadership potential for women’s ministries. A workshop for those who are interested in leading small group discussions will help everyone be prepared for the upcoming journey. Unite your seasoned leaders while growing the next generation of leaders.

Church Support

Matters Ministry offers long-term support to the local church, coming alongside its women for three months and offering hope for continued effective women’s ministries following the TM study.

Live Teaching

Amy Fata is available to kick off the series with live teaching. You can host a one-time speaking event or a full retreat. She can also return at the end of the twelve weeks to help wrap up your Truth Matters journey and inspire your women to press on.

TM Samples




Amy Fata

Amy Fata speaks and sings at churches and women’s events internationally. A Bible teacher, worship leader, vocal instructor, choral conductor, composer, songwriter, and lover of God’s Word, Amy is also Director of Worship at Harbour Shores Church in Cicero, Indiana, along with her husband Patrick. They have produced five worship projects and continue to compose songs for the body of Christ. 

As a little girl, Amy dreamed of being Wonder Woman. But as an adult, she found herself merely surviving her daily challenges instead of conquering them. Utter dependence on her union with Christ became vital for peace and freedom. 

Amy lives in Noblesville, Indiana, with Patrick, their two daughters, and a good “boy” named Tempo.

“Christ has claimed my life, all of it. Everything about me as follower of Christ, including how I regard and treat others—as well as how I view and understand myself—is tied directly to Jesus and what He has done for me. I have new life in Him! This reality becomes the ‘why’ to everything I do when I replace the unnecessary garbage with the necessary gospel. 

“Understanding my secure position in my Savior frees me to respond in every situation with confidence and love. The gospel changes how I see myself and how I respond to others. I don’t have to be defensive. I don’t have to be correct. I don’t have to be perfect. I am free from the tyranny of self-exaltation because I am in Christ Jesus. He is my security” (Truth Matters, Week Five).


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